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Electrical Fires

Electrical malfunction is the leading cause of home fires. Malfunctions may occur due to worn, loose or defective wiring, or due to overloaded power strips and wall outlets. Flammable items can catch fire if placed near equipment that generates heat, flame or sparks.

In the event that an electrical fire does break out, stay calm and quickly follow these four steps:

Cut the power supply

Cutting power off at the source is the very first thing to do. Very quickly, flip the switch of your house’s main fuse box. Do not try to put out an electrical fire unless the power is off.

Grab that fire extinguisher

The best way to put out an electrical fire is with a dry chemical fire extinguisher. Remember the PASS acronym:

Pull the pin at the top of the extinguisher to break the seal

Aim at the base of the fire from a safe distance

Squeeze the handles to discharge the chemical inside, and

Sweep over the flame.

If you don’t have an extinguisher, try smothering the flame with baking soda. NEVER throw water on an electrical fire or you could be electrocuted.

Call 911 or the fire department

Let them know you have an emergency

Exit the house

If you can’t control the fire, leave the area immediately. If your clothes are alight, stop, drop and roll. Stay close to the ground and avoid inhaling the smoke.

Ensure safety around electrical motors, appliances, and wires. Call STS electric for help or initial services.

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