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Is Ventilation important?

Ventilation is the most affordable and most vitality proficient approach to cool structures. Ventilation works best when joined with strategies to stay away from warmth development in your home. Now and again, normal ventilation will get the job done for cooling, despite the fact that it ordinarily should be enhanced with spot ventilation, roof fans, and window fans. For huge homes, property holders should need to explore entire house fans.

Inside ventilation is inadequate in hot, damp atmospheres where temperature swings among day and night are little. In these atmospheres, regular ventilation of your upper room (frequently required by construction standards) will decrease your utilization of cooling, and storage room fans may likewise demonstrate helpful. Be that as it may, a substitute methodology is to seal the upper room and make it part of the molded space in your home, putting the protection within the rooftop as opposed to on the floor of the storage room. Fixed storage rooms are progressively plausible in new home development, however, can be retrofitted on a current house.

Natural Ventilation

In some parts of the United States, natural convection and cool breezes are sufficient to keep homes cool.

House Fans

For bigger homes, an entire house fan gives astounding ventilation to accomplish lower indoor temperatures. For homes with channels, an elective methodology utilizes those conduits to supply ventilation air all through the home.

Ceiling Fans, Window Fans, and Other Fans

Fans that circle air inside your home can improve your solace level. Window fans utilize generally little power and give adequate cooling to homes in numerous pieces of the nation.

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Rita Kaye
07:32 30 Jan 23
Responsive, great quality workmanship, highly recommended. I'd call STS Electric for any electrical related issue, they know their craft.
Misha Benjamin
07:23 30 Jan 23
Great value, friendly service and on time. Thank you STS Electricians!
Pauline William
07:16 30 Jan 23
Very pleasant to work with, got the job done and fair pricing. Will call again for sure.
Esther Rosenthal
07:12 30 Jan 23
Was great working with the STS Electric team. Called, got the quote and had them over for the final project details. Everything on point, thank you all for your attention to detail and getting everything sorted on time.
Eliza Brown
07:05 30 Jan 23
Loved the great service, on time and done everything perfectly. Highly recommend STS Electric.
Bianca Yakubuzi
08:04 26 Jan 23
Had a few outlets that need upgrading for the new devices I got plus USB ports. STS Electric took care of it and got us a good company/product for the outlets that easy to use and durable with all the new features for our smart home and devices. Thank you STS Electrician, keep Chicago lit.
Chelsy Diazion
07:54 26 Jan 23
Had some wiring issue that was causing my lights to flicker, STS Electrician came out, diagnosed the issue and resolved it for us with in couple hours. If you live in Chicago and need a great electrician, call STS.
Codou Diouf
07:49 26 Jan 23
Can't thank STS Electric enough, they got my security system taken care of as a result I don't have any additional break-in attempts at my shop. Everything was done properly and fairly priced. Thank you again guys.
Kathy Hilton
07:46 26 Jan 23
I hired STS Electrician for outdoor lighting. They showed up on time, did their magic now I got a nice lit residence I can enjoy and I got the best LED bulbs which will also save me tons of cash. Thank you, will be in touch.
Viky Teye
07:36 26 Jan 23
I was in need of an electrician for an urgent job and I couldn't be more pleased with the service I received; STS Electrician was not only highly skilled and efficient in completing the task, but also provided an amazing friendly service, which made the experience stress-free and pleasant, going above and beyond to answer all my questions and make sure I was satisfied with the final result.
Jenny Ahiavor
07:07 26 Jan 23
We called them at 2 am because of power outage. They arrived within 1 hour, got out power back on smoothly. We are thankful for their 24 availability.
Sarah Gold
07:02 26 Jan 23
I recently hired STS Electrician for a smart home setup and was impressed with their professionalism, expertise, and attention to detail from start to finish as they not only installed all the necessary wiring and devices but also provided clear instructions and troubleshooting tips, ensuring that my smart home system was running smoothly and efficiently. Great job
Jasmine Kerkorian
06:52 26 Jan 23
STS Electricians are great, got my power fixed and my tesla car charger installed perfectly, I appreciate it very much.
Serah McFinan
06:33 26 Jan 23
I highly recommend STS Electrician for any electrical project in Chicago. They were prompt, professional, and did an excellent job on my home renovation. Their attention to detail and willingness to go above and beyond exceeded my expectations.
Margaret Akweitey
10:16 23 Jan 23
123 Lights On. I mean these guys are the equivalent to Mr. Miyagi, got my lights working again without a hassle. What a relief thank you STS Electricians.
Dagero Jennifer
09:56 23 Jan 23
YAS! STS Electricians got my lights back to working again. We called during the night and got the fix the few hours later. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Genesis Ortiz
09:46 23 Jan 23
STS Electricians get the ABCD award, going Above Beyond The Call Of Duty, thank you guys so much, appreciate all the great work you have done for our house.
Abrie Thomson
09:35 23 Jan 23
Yup, amazing service, we got our EV charger all setup, ready to go thanks to STS Electricians! Hire them for your electrical work, they do an amazing job and prices are fair.
Lanyo Salamatu
09:22 23 Jan 23
They did a great job with our light fixtures and switches, thanks a bunch and we will call you again when new electrical projects arise.
Carlos Miller
09:48 22 Jan 23
I called STS Electricians and they came out, did the diagnostics which didn't take too long and was provided with a quote that made sense and everything else is history. I appreciate the professionalism.
John Bohanan
09:42 22 Jan 23
I had the pleasure of working with an exceptional STS electrician in Chicago recently. Their level of skill and expertise was truly outstanding and left me feeling confident that the electrical service they provided was top-notch. They were professional, knowledgeable, and attentive to every detail from start to finish. The electrician took the time to understand my unique needs and provided tailored solutions that exceeded my expectations. The work was completed efficiently and the final product was flawless. I highly recommend this electrician to anyone in need of electrical services in Chicago. They are truly the best in the business and will not disappoint.One specific job that comes to mind was when this electrician was called upon to rewire an old building. The building had outdated wiring and needed to be brought up to code. The electrician was able to assess the situation and provide a comprehensive plan for the rewiring. The work was done efficiently and in a timely manner, and the building passed inspection with flying colors. It was clear that the electrician had a wealth of experience and knowledge in this type of work, and it was a pleasure to work with them on this project.
Melissa Johnson
09:34 22 Jan 23
I recently had the pleasure of working with an amazing electrician in Chicago. Their level of experience and expertise was truly impressive and made me feel confident that the electrical service they provided was top-notch. From the initial consultation to the final inspection, they were professional, knowledgeable, and attentive to every detail. They took the time to understand my specific needs and provided tailored solutions that exceeded my expectations. The work was completed quickly and efficiently, and the finished product was flawless. I highly recommend this electrician to anyone in need of electrical services in Chicago. They are truly the best in the business and will not disappoint.
Paula Richardson
09:24 22 Jan 23
Five star service 100%, this is the 3rd time I have called STS Electric and they have shown up and took care of my electrical projects, ontime, on budget, extremely attentive staff and attention do detail. They cleaned after their work and left everything as they found it, clean. Thanks!!
Lucy Guerrero
09:17 22 Jan 23
Amazing work STS Electric, great pricing and they did the entire project without any code issues, thank you guys so much for bringing your electrical expertise to our project.
Patricia Quzalian
09:10 22 Jan 23
STS Electrical was ontime, gave us a great value and awesome quality of workmanship with out light switches and electrical projects. Thank you, we will call you for more soon.
Rene Brown
08:08 13 Jan 23
I recently had STS Electric install a new ceiling fan in my home, and they did an excellent job. The technician was very friendly, knowledgeable, and the job was done quickly and efficiently. Highly recommend!
Masha Silverstein
08:07 13 Jan 23
I recently had a new light fixture installed by STS Electric and I'm very happy with the results. The technician was very friendly and knowledgeable, and the price was very reasonable. Highly recommend them!
Daniel “Ashley” Garrett
08:04 13 Jan 23
STS Electric recently installed new circuit breakers in my home, and everything went off without a hitch. The technician was very knowledgeable and did a great job. Highly recommend them!
Dorothy Newhouse
08:03 13 Jan 23
I recently had STS Electric do some wiring in my home, and they did an outstanding job. The technician was knowledgeable, friendly, and completed the job on time. Highly recommend!
Rhonda Cobb
08:02 13 Jan 23
STS Electric recently installed a new electrical panel in my home, and they did an excellent job. They were prompt, professional, and the price was very reasonable. I highly recommend them!
Betty McDole
07:56 13 Jan 23
STS Electric was very helpful when it came to our electrical needs. They were very knowledgeable and provided a great service. We highly recommend them!
Kimberly Francis
07:55 13 Jan 23
We had a great experience using STS Electric. They were punctual and professional. They did a great job and we’d definitely recommend them.
Jeanette Kuhn
07:51 13 Jan 23
We had a major electrical issue in our home and STS Electric was there to help us out. They were very knowledgeable and we’re able to resolve the issue quickly and efficiently. We highly recommend them!
jessica Sallies
07:50 13 Jan 23
We’ve used STS Electric for all of our electrical projects and they have been nothing short of amazing. Their professionalism and attention to detail is top-notch.
Janet Hudson
07:47 13 Jan 23
STS Electric is our go-to for all of our electrical needs. They always provide excellent service, and we’ve never been disappointed.
Micah Lewis
07:45 13 Jan 23
STS Electric was really great when it came to our home’s electrical needs. They were fast, efficient and friendly. We highly recommend their services!
Mondesir Mackendy
10:29 30 Dec 22
Thankful for them, they got everything working again, I appreciate it so much and will recommend you to my friends and family.
Gina Mitial
10:27 30 Dec 22
If you are looking for an upfront electrician that will get the job done, call STS electric and let them come out and give you a quote. You can thank me later.
Oldine Bastien
10:21 30 Dec 22
Thank you again for all your help and going above and beyond the call of duty to take care of our electrical issues. Highly recommend you guys to anyone looking for quality electrical work.
Wendy Anis
10:18 30 Dec 22
We have issues with lighting and flickering and searched on Google to find an near by electrician, found STS Electric and gave them a try. They came out and inspected the issues and gave us a quote on the spot and got the job done once we agreed. Payment was made when the job was complete and here are, happy again, thank you.
Jenny Michelle
10:08 30 Dec 22
Having ondemand EV station is a blessing, STS Electric made it happen within budget and timeframe, no issues, smooth as you can get. Thanks so much you guys!
Esther Antioni
09:44 30 Dec 22
Thank you for the quick and painless electrical install service, we highly recommend you to anyone looking for an electrician in Chicago.
Joyce Kemper
17:57 29 Dec 22
Thank you for the excellent electrical service and the installation of my EV charging station, works amazing.
Belletti Mansuri
23:45 22 Dec 22
Exceptional electrical service, Mike got the lighting fixtures installed and works great and done professionally and within my time-frame. Thanks!
Nadia Gueyenez
23:13 22 Dec 22
Super amazing service, we had some outlets and switches that needed to be replaced with more modern ones that have USB and light feature. STS electricians got here, did the project and everything is history. Highly recommend them, thanks!
Anna Mendy
23:04 22 Dec 22
We just remodeled and needed our new fan to be installed. STS Electric came through and got the job done properly, thanks!!!
Victoria Oteng
21:59 22 Dec 22
We had a number of random outlets/light fixtures that stopped working even with the breaker not flipped. I tried flipping breakers and test/resetting any gfci outlets but nothing worked. Called STS Electric at 9am on a Friday and they came over and had everything fixed by 10am. Turns out the breaker needed to be replaced. They were fast and friendly. Thank you!"
Natlie Waterwood
21:54 22 Dec 22
I called STS Electric for a electrical panel repair and they came out, reviewed everything gave me a quote and I decided to move forward with the repairs. The electrical repairs were done professionally, ontime and on budget, thank you for the great service.
Afari Solomon
00:48 16 Dec 22
Same day service. Courteous and informative technician. Upfront and honest with pricing. I couldn’t be happier with the service I received. Highly recommend for residential projects.
Regina Azuyie
00:42 16 Dec 22
You need an electrician? Give STS Electrician a call! Paul took great pride trying to solve an electrical mystery in my home. His determination to figure out was wrong was a great example of the type of professionals this company sends out to their customers! I'll be calling them for future electrical needs!
Katie Yesamin
23:41 15 Dec 22
We had a great experience the electrician arrived earlier than the appointed time which is really good. He called and asked if he can come in earlier. Very considerate! He helped us installed our chandelier and fixed our doorbell. He did a very good job and very professional! Highly recommended!
Christine Johnson
22:55 15 Dec 22
Paul and his crew of expert electricians and staff are professional and friendly, but they go above and beyond expectations for customer service. I hired them to do electrical for a spa that I ordered. I am delighted at how professionally the electric was installed, but even more so on all the extra they did to help me out as quickly as possible and over a weekend! Thanks STS Electrician and I wish you continued success! You will have it because you literally give old school customer service that people are just not at all used to receiving anymore.
Beth Wilson
22:44 15 Dec 22
I would highly recommend STS Electrician. Paul was nice enough to stop by my home to see the project and give me an estimate to install a 220V outlet for a dryer. e for a gas dryer and recommended an awesome plumber. Mike explained all the details of the quote and looked out for my best interest in short and long term value. Thank you Paul and Mike for caring about the customer and giving me a fast, honest response.
Karen Diana
22:11 15 Dec 22
We called STS Electrician for a wiring issue in our house. Sam was friendly, professional, and clearly knew his stuff. We're super happy with the service and definitely will call STS Electrician again if we need an electrician.
Melisa Benjamin
22:06 15 Dec 22
Sam provided a great service at a very good price. STS Electrician installed 2new fans along with all wiring and switches. Sam and his team, the electrical installers were very polite and respectful to our home. I would not hesitate to use STS Electrician in the future if needed and would definitely recommend them to others.
Carmen Donkorski
21:52 15 Dec 22
The team at STS Electrician was fantastic. It was the only place I called that answered the phone. They were able to come out the next day. The tech was fabulous to work with. We'll definitely be using them again for any future issues!
Hiatie Mushinski
21:27 15 Dec 22
Amada Thiangian
21:20 15 Dec 22
Sam and his team were wonderful! I was really impressed with their critical thinking skills and they were needed because this is an older well loved house. They were efficient and kind, and got all the fixes made to assure this old house is safe for many more years. Kudos to STS Electricians for hiring such good, dedicated, competent electricians!
Heyanoga Wendiar
21:03 15 Dec 22
The staff at STS Electrician is great from the intake person to the technician. Everyone was friendly and our ceiling fan was repaired and the new outlet in the bathroom is perfect. No mess was left behind and my wife and I appreciate the prompt, reliable, and friendly service!
Esther Annan
20:55 15 Dec 22
I had several quotes from electricians for a project and STS Electrician was the only company that sat down and listened to what I needed and worked with me within my budget to get exactly what I needed with a price I was comfortable with. I was quoted 4x the amount they did for the same project from other companies. They are kind, quick, and I’ve had them out again for something small and I appreciate that they worked fast and efficiently and again, were just plain nice to me. I just bought a house and am grateful to have found my go to electrician.
Amber Lavitski
20:51 15 Dec 22
My electrician, Sam was on time. Professional. Had the tools to get job done. Cleaned as he went. The the price was right. And is a nice guy! I highly recommend STS Electrician . I've already made plans to have more electrical work done by STS Electrician.
Madame Ly
20:49 15 Dec 22
Sam from STS Electrician came over to investigate why three of our outlets were not working. Another company had come and spent 2hrs trying to figure it out but ended up leaving, saying they needed special equipment but never returned or returned my calls. Sam from STS Electrician had everything figured out after hearing my story and fixed in an hour. The professionalism and honesty Sam from STS Electrician showed in the small amount at my home earned my respect and I will be calling again for more work to be done as well as telling my friends and family about STS Electrician.
Margaret Agyeiwaa
20:46 15 Dec 22
I got five bids to install a 40 amp circuit and wiring to a new double oven. All the houses in our development are only capable of 30 amp. STS Electrician had absolutely the most elegant, non-invasive solution at less than half the price of everyone else who are literally going to rip up the yard and the house to do it. STS Electrician came in and wired the 40 amp circuit in such a way that not a single hole was left in the ceiling inside the house only a hole in the garage which they replaced beautifully. I chose them because Sam really knew what he was doing, communicated well, and stood by his word. I'd recommend these guys for any electrical work and I've done over 10 flip houses in Chicago
Lettie Camp
20:40 15 Dec 22
Best electrician in town. Sam and his team installed the LED lamps in my office and I couldn't be happier. Sam's team are consummate professionals! They cleaned up everything once they were done. The place is brighter and my electric bill has dropped substantially as well. If you want an honest electrician at a reasonable cost you can't go wrong with STS Electrician Electric!
Alina Diallo
20:19 15 Dec 22
I called STS at 6 pm on a Saturday. The electrician I spoke to, Sam, answered all my questions and clearly explained the after hours pricing. He was at my within 20 minutes and quickly diagnosed a problem with the main breaker. 90 minutes later, a new breaker had been installed and my power was back on. Sam was professional, cheerful, and efficient. He answered all of our questions and the job was done safely and efficiently. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who asked.
Ionna Dubovski
19:34 15 Dec 22
Amazing service, on time with great value and professional team. Sam got my EV station installed, ready for charging for the holidays! Thank you!!!
Kish Andrea
19:18 15 Dec 22
Absolutely the best in class electrical service, thank you guys for taking care my smart home applications and installation. Highly recommended.
Wallace HakeemH.Gibbs
17:10 14 Dec 22
Sam was prompt, courteous and Pretty Darn Quick 😜. They were able to provide service the same day which is greatly appreciated. Highly recommended if you are looking for an electrician in Chicago.
Shizue Brochard
08:20 14 Dec 22
I have never felt compelled to leave a review before, but Sam and STS just did some excellent work for us and I need to say that everyone who needs an electrician should be looking at STS Electric first. They have been out here a few times and have done amazing work each time. This last time Sam replaced an outlet that had been wired incorrectly and had actually caught fire. He explained every thing he was doing, and the work is flawless. I can sleep better knowing it is now corrected.STS is the first company everyone should be looking at. Fair prices, great techs, and just overall amazing service from beginning to end!
Jacob Bochat
08:11 14 Dec 22
I would like to thank Sam and STS electric for fixing the electrical issues I had in my house. Sam discovered the issue with my neutral wires to the electrical panel and was able to get this fixed in a short amount of time. He also fixed the loose neutral going to several outlets throughout the house. I would definitely use STS again if the need for an electrical issue arises. Thank you again Sam and his team.
Jamie Mason
20:30 13 Dec 22
Meghan Gangwish
18:19 13 Dec 22
I called STS Electric. Spoke to Anna. She was great and gave me rough estimate over the phone. Called on Wednesday. She got me an appointment on Friday morning. Sam showed up on time. He installed my three light fixtures and changed out by outlets in 2 bathrooms. Excellent service, Excellent price. Will use again and would never be afraid to refer them to anyone who requires electrical services. Thanks Anna, Sam and STS Electric of Chicago.
Bitconyan Art
18:15 13 Dec 22
They are an amazing electricians, called them, got a price quote and timeline and the rest is history. Great quality work and got back with power within 1 hour.
jacqueline mims
20:18 07 Dec 22
Amazing!!! Sam and his team took care of power outage like a pro and also made sure that if anything happens after their gone, that they are available 24/7 just in case. I am so thankful for STS Electrical, hands-down the best electricians in Chicago.
Donna M.
05:29 04 Nov 22
STS electricians are super great, found them on Google search when searching for an electrician and decided to call them because their website contained all the information I was looking for and pretty much answered all the questions I had before I booked electrical service. On top of that I live in an historical building in Chicago which you have to be careful about and they were able to handle it without and issue and within city code. Thank you guys.
Liliana Jolene
05:20 04 Nov 22
We had a number of random outlets/light fixtures that stopped working even with the breaker not flipped. I tried flipping breakers and test/resetting any gfci outlets but nothing worked. Called STS Electric at 9am on a Friday and they came over and had everything fixed by 10am. Turns out the breaker needed to be replaced. They were fast and friendly. Thank you!
Deborah Ivette
05:16 04 Nov 22
Sam is an amazing electrician. He is very professional and extremely competent. He comes prepared to work and I honestly believe he can fix any and all electrical problems. We are very happy with his work and we are delighted he cleans up the area after completing the job.
Kyla Yasmeen
05:12 04 Nov 22
STS Electric was extremely professional. I gave them a call because half the power went out in our house and they showed up less than 30 minutes later. I tried finding the correct circuit breaker but couldn't find it around our house. When the guy came he was able to EASILY find the breaker and fix our power in less than 30 minutes. The guy was nice and professional. I would recommend STS Electric for anyone who lives in the Chicago area.
Maria Arles
16:30 01 Nov 22
Sam was great, gave me a prompt estimate for the work to be done in a couple of days. He also answered other electrical questions I had. I appreciate you.
Vee Romanovna
16:20 01 Nov 22
STS Electrici in Chicago provided the very best service we have experienced from an electrician. Their electrician Sam, took the time to thoroughly diagnosed our electrical wire arching problem, executed steps to make the situation safe and provided clear steps to permanently correct the problem. Best of all, he explained his diagnosis and answered all our questions with very polite, clearly understood information. Highly recommend them.
Leslie Fiect
17:11 30 Oct 22
STS Electeric is by far the best electrician in Chicago!, Hands-down outstanding. They were very professional and above all very patient. They ensured the systems they installed were set up properly and walked me through the setup process. I would highly recommend STS Electric.
Michael Thiclon
17:08 30 Oct 22
STS Electric is great , very professional and knowledgeable. He throughly explained what was wrong and quickly fixed the electrical problems we were having. Sam is a very kind and friendly person, qualities rarely found nowadays. He left us with a big smile on our faces. Thank you for sending Sam our way!
Robert Mucer
17:05 30 Oct 22
Very satisfied with the worked performed. STS Electric's team made phone calls confirming appointment and arrival times. Showed up on time, did the electrical job quickly, cleanly and pleasantly.
Anna Aughte
17:01 30 Oct 22
"Sam was very professional & informative. He helped us out greatly with all of our electrical issues.Thank you STS Electric Chicago for sending Sam for our electrical project. 100% satisfied! He fixed the electrical issue in a flash!
Ana Mariel
16:55 30 Oct 22
Extremely mindful and professional electrician. They gave me excellent advice. The part that was needed was out of my price range; however, if I have any electrical problems, I will request the same technician. Great reliable electrician in Chicago!
David Prossal
16:53 30 Oct 22
They were amazing. Took the time to walk me thru the issue I had with my switches and accommodated the day and time I needed. The two technicians that came were incredibly kind and helpful . Finished the job quickly and took the time to answer questions I had about other electrical issues . Was upfront one honest about pricing and options available.I will never use any other electirican in chicago , these guys are great! :)
Joseph Anowbod
16:45 30 Oct 22
We hired this company to install a wall connector for a Tesla. We appreciated their level of communication, they were quick to respond and answered all our question. They were extremely professional, highly skilled and their quality of work was amazing. I would 100000 percent recommend them - They will not disappoint! : )
Hattie Smith
16:42 30 Oct 22
I have used this company twice now. Once several years back to install to 2 wall sconce type light fixtures where none existed before. Their price was reasonable and they did a great job. The second time was this week, where they came out to deinstall a chandelier, and “clean up” my electrical panel box. The electrical panel had been left “messy”, by prior electricians taking short cuts and not properly securing or wrapping loose wires. STS Electrical in Chicago was meticulous and fixed everything in an orderly fashion. They charged fair for the work they completed, which I thought was a good value and fair. I will use them for all my electrical needs. They had about a 4 day lead time.
rosa garza
16:38 30 Oct 22
Sam and his apprentice did a spectacular job. Very efficient and patched up the holes made when installing the electrical vehicle charger. They both were nice and professional throughout the whole process. They did the work in less than an hour and the cleanup was done when I went outside. The very best electrician in Chicago hands down. Highly recommend."
frances hilton
16:34 30 Oct 22
Called Them for a last minute commercial project, and he was able to help us immensely. Prompt, professional, friendly, and at a great price to boot. Would 100% recommend him for those needing electrical work done. Thanks again!
Anastasia Mireya
16:31 30 Oct 22
The best electrician in Chicago hands down. So professional, personable, and efficient. I was very impressed with the attention to detail and the quick responses we received. I will ONLY recommend STS Electrical going forward, and will definitely use their services again!
Ashton Magdalena
06:57 29 Oct 22
STS Electricians are very professional, thorough and thoughtful. They take pride in their work and made a conscious effort to work with me to best suit our needs. We had them install a electrical vehicle charging station recently. After the install was done The tech stuck around so I could start the EV charging station and test everything out.
Adrienne Leeann
06:54 29 Oct 22
Incredible service from the chicago electrician, he really went above and beyond. They were able to accommodate a last minute request SAME DAY!! I was expecting to have to wait much longer, but he was at our apartment within 2-3 hours and done with the job quickly after that. We had a challenging time with old apartment building wiring but the electrician was able to install 3 ceiling fixtures quickly and safely with an eye for detail too. I will 100% use them again in the future and recommend them highly!
Nikki Dalia
06:51 29 Oct 22
I found STS Electric in Chicago on google search and chose him because of his excellent reviews. I gave him a call and left a short message about the job I needed an electrician for. He got back to me right away and was TOTALLY personable, friendly, and professional. He was able to make time for me the next day at a time that was great for me. His rates are completely fair and appropriate. He showed up the next day at the agreed upon time. I was immediately impressed by him and could tell he knew exactly what he was doing. He did the job I hired him to do while engaging me in very pleasant and welcoming conversation. He was so great to talk to. I had hired him to change a wall outlet to one that was compatible with my dryer. He masterfully installed the new wall outlet, and then connected the exhaust hose for me which I had NO IDEA how to do. Super awesome electrician, super awesome person. So glad I hired him. I will hire him again and I will HIGHLY recommend his services to anyone who needs an electrician!
Imani Baby
06:44 29 Oct 22
Best in class electrical service , one of the most professional electricians I have ever worked with in terms of price and quality. Try STS Electrical for your electrical needs and at any cost you won't regret their service.
Chelsie Alessandra
06:32 29 Oct 22
The service was excellent, the guys are fantastic with deep electrical knowledge but humble and kind. They came on time , carried all the tools and equipment, installed the fan precisely and gave a demo post installation. I would recommend STS Electric and his team to anyone who is looking for a Electrician in Chicago Great Job Guys!
Devin Melisa
06:27 29 Oct 22
Electrical fuse replacement at my house in Chicago,Very good service 👍❤️ thank you.
LA Siguanaba
06:34 27 Oct 22
Kudos to these guys who solved our electrical problem in our Chicago salon. It took us 24hrs and 3 electricians. Different issues were concluded however no one fixed the problem. We had no other option but to search in google for a company. Just one call they immediately came to check after 30mins they have fixed it. Thank you STS Electrical"
Lillian Lakeisha
06:32 27 Oct 22
"I was looking for an electrician for something I didn't completely understand.STS Electrical came through assessed everything, diagnosed and repair every thing efficiently while also explaining everything he was doing.The repair cost me within what a expected, I cant comment on comparison with other electrician but I walked away feeling like it was a fair cost.I gave 5 Stars because the was amazing and you could feel this was a company that cares about the work they do and making sure customer walk was happy.Thank You"
Jerry IsabellaD.Reynolds
07:00 19 Oct 22
Sam and his team know exactly what they are doing, thank you for the support during a hectic time for us especially with the new electric car and no EV charger, thanks again, I highly recommend you to anyone who is looking to go electric, you get the job done right.