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Two or More Wires Under One Screw Terminal

Another normal wire association issue is the point at which you discover at least two wires held under a solitary screw terminal on a switch or outlet. This is a reasonable indication of novice work and a particular fire risk. It is reasonable to have a solitary wire under every one of the two screw terminals in favor of an outlet or switch, yet it is a code infringement to have two wires wedged under a solitary screw. This is regularly observed when two exposed copper establishing wires are found under the establishing screw on the outlet or switch, however you likewise may sporadically discover hot wires or unbiased wires associated with a solitary screw terminal.

Step by step instructions to Fix

By and by, this fix includes first closing off the power. At that point, the two culpable wires are expelled from their screw terminal. Cut a 6-inch ponytail wire of indistinguishable shading from the two wires (utilize a green braid on the off chance that you are joining two exposed copper establishing wires). Strip 3/4 inch of protection from each finish of the ponytail, at that point go along with one end to the two wires you simply detached, utilizing a wire connector (wire nut). Presently, join the free end of the ponytail wire to the screw terminal that once held the two wires.

You have basically made a scaffold, or pathway, that interfaces the two wires to the ideal screw terminal on the outlet or switch.

Note: Make sure the pigtail wire is the same wire gauge as the circuit wires. A 15-amp circuit normally used 14-gauge wire; a 20-amp circuit uses 12-gauge wire.

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