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Top 5 Electrical Residential Repairs

All the lights are on. Multiple appliances are doing their job, and you’re streaming a favorite TV show. It’s easy to take your home’s electrical system for granted until something goes wrong. We understand how short circuits and bad wiring can upend your routine. STS provides electrical repairs for Chicago homeowners every day.

Most of those jobs involve one of these five common electrical problems.

1. Too Many Tripped Breakers

Breakers can trip when you’re using several high-wattage appliances at the same time. An occasional reset isn’t cause for concern. If you’re heading to the breaker box on a regular basis, it’s time for certified electrical panel repair.

2. Frequent Power Fluctuations

The lights dim or go out, and then they come back on. Sporadic brownouts correct themselves. These power fluctuations are sure signs of electrical problems. Our licensed electricians inspect your home’s wiring and take care of repairs. We can also install whole-house surge protection.

3. Bad Outlets or Switches

An outlet suddenly sparks. It might look discolored or smell odd. Light switches feel warm to the touch. Dimmer switches don’t work the way you expect. All of these problems need to be looked at by a professional electrician. Our pros know how to troubleshoot and solve outlet and switch problems.

4. Frequently Flickering Lights

Lights that flicker are more than an annoyance. They’re caused by poor connections and faulty wiring that can overheat your home’s electrical system. Our certified electricians replace bad wiring, and we rewire whole-house systems too.

5. Spike in Electric Bills

It’s not unusual for electrical wiring problems to show up as unexpected increases in your electric bill. Older Chicago homes are especially vulnerable. Their wiring capacity wasn’t designed to handle modern loads. Our electrical system upgrades hold down utility costs and increase safety.

Chicago’s Residential Electrical Problem Solver

If you’re like most homeowners, you stay on top of maintenance around the house. Still, electrical repairs belong in the hands of a local company you can trust. Let STS solve your home electrical problems with more than 40 years of proven experience. We’re ready for your call: 773-721-1111.

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