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To Ensure Safety from Electrical Damage; Commercial and Industrial Buildings Maintenance is Essential

It is necessary to carry out routine checks so that your company remains safe at all times and supports a well-maintained electricity source because commercial and industrial buildings are prone to electrical error due to their complex wiring systems.

With routine checks and inspections, your business is much less likely to suffer… Nearly all sectors face electrical problems at some point, and these need to be fixed rapidly and safely and if you run into any of the following issues, you’ll need to contact your local electrical specialists as soon as possible.

Poor building maintenance is likely to cause more electrical damage and leave you with mounting repair bills if left unattended.

Power loss

Unexpected power loss is a major obstruction, regardless of whether you’re an industrial plant or an office. Achieving your daily targets can be difficult with no electrical supply.

Whether a power loss covers only one part of the workshop or office, or causes complete loss, in most cases, flicking the fuse switch should solve the problem. However, if this doesn’t work, you should contact a professional electrician service to diagnose the problem and offer a solution.

Flickering & dimming lights

There are a number of causes of flickering lights in commercial and industrial establishments – in most cases this is due to a poor connection. If the problem isn’t resolved quickly, it could lead to long-lasting damage and will require full repair. If your lights begin flickering, contact an electrical contractor today to identify the issue and get it sorted.

Industrial Appliances

Additionally, if your fixtures are discoloured, they should be immediately replaced and the loose connection should be fixed to prevent electrical breakdown.

In warehouses and factories, heavy appliances are common and require extensive power usage, increasing risk of electrical failure and potential fire hazards. It is therefore common for circuits to break and power to fail.

The first step to take is to shut down the machines and contact an electrician who can then identify the problem and take the next steps to get all equipment back up and running with no issues.

Hot Fixtures and Sparks

If your fixtures or switches are unusually hot, it’s best to get them checked out to eliminate any possibility of an electrical breakdown.

Additionally, if sparks emanate when somebody plugs in an appliance or machine, this could lead to wires melting or burning, in which case you should call an electrician service who can fix the problem for you with minimal disruption.

Tripping Breakers

The typical causes of breakers tripping are overloaded circuits, ground fault or a short circuit within your industrial or commercial building. If this does not get fixed it becomes a potential fire hazard and must be shut off to cut the electrical flow and stop the circuit from overheating until an electrical contractor can fix the issue.

Electrical Safety Recommendations

To ensure that your business adheres to the appropriate rules when it comes to electrical safety, we have compiled a list of essential points to understand the general overseeing of the electrical system within the building.

  • Oversee working environment and methods to ensure that safety guidelines are being followed
  • Always use accredited electrical contractors
  • Ensure that employees are protected from slip hazards
  • Gain understanding of who is responsible for electrical safety
  • Schedule consistent electrical inspections
  • Check electrical appliances by conducting the PAT test and acknowledge the expiry date

Carry out simple checks by paying attention to electrics, appliances and light fittings
If in doubt, call in the experts.

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