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Three Prong adapter is Safe or not?

There are two types of adapter, i.e. a three-prong and two-prong adapter. It is also known as a cheater plug.

Two-slot electric outlets are often ungrounded, particularly in older homes and structures. Grounded outlets were not installed in homes years ago. It seems that there are still many homes with outdated two-slot outlets that pose dangerous electrical hazards.
If you’re electrical box isn’t on a grounded circuit, or the appliance is faulty, your body will act as the grounding path when you plug in the grounded plug adapter — shocking or electrocuting you in the process.

Uses of Three Prong Adapter

If your home only has two prong outlets, replacing your wall outlets is the better and safer choice. Two-prong outlets are outdated, unsafe, and cannot keep up with the demand of current electrical devices. Updating your wall outlets from two prongs to three prongs is a reasonably priced update and may only require a grounding wire to be added into your home. Grounding wires will divert electrical currents to the ground either through a grounding rod or a copper pipe in the case of an electrical issue.

Keep Things in Mind to Use Cheater Plugs

Cheater plugs are not designed to be a safe solution to powering a three-pronged electrical device. Electronics have the third prong to protect from electrical malfunctions, fires, and electrical surges. When you remove that functionality it becomes easier for the electrical device to break, and cause further damage. The grounding adapter does not function in the same manner as a grounded circuit.

If an electrical issue such as an electrical surge occurs in the electrical device the electricity can cause electrocution and electrical fires.
Many people are not aware of the problems and assume that because the products are sold in stores that they are safe to use in the home.

Don’t go for cheap, easy fix. A grounded plug adapter will not protect against an ungrounded electrical box or a faulty appliance, and can lead to electrocution and electrical shock injury.

It’s time to upgrade

If you are still using cheater plugs in your home, it is time to update your electrical wiring. Old two prong outlets are unsafe and are not up to code.
Protect your home and your electrical devices, and upgrade your electrical plugs.
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