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The Beauty of Portage Park in Chicago

There is plenty to appreciate in the Portage Park community. You can find a decorative entrance at the corner of Irving Park Road and Central Avenue. You will also see plenty of beautiful landscaping here, too. Portage Park is also a popular destination for wedding ceremonies in Chicago and other kinds of special occasions held outside due to its natural beauty. Portage Park itself is a location that is used for many purposes, ranging from recreation to special outdoor events.

The community of Portage Park is on the northwest side of Chicago and exists as one of the 77 communities in Chicago. In addition to the park itself, you can also find the Six Corners shopping district. This is located at the intersection of Milwaukee Avenue, Cicero Avenue, and Irving Park Road. The community of Portage Park is also notable since it has the largest Polish population in the Chicago Metropolitan Area.

There are many Polish-American organizations, such as the Polish American Association and the Polish Army Veterans Association. The Polish Jesuit Millennium Center is another example of the Polish influence in the Portage Park community. Another park in the Portage Park community, Chopin Park, is named after the most famous composer and pianist from Poland, Frederic Chopin.

Portage Park is primarily a residential community. You will find that the majority of the buildings in Portage Park are either bungalows or two-flats. Six Corners is one of the large business districts in Portage Park. You can find the other business district at Belmont and Central and this goes south into Belmont-Cragin.

Several movie palaces existed in Portage Park. Movie palaces are movie theaters that were decorated complexly and were constructed between the 1910s and the 1940s. The Portage theater, Belpark theater, and Patio theater were some of the movie palaces found in Portage Park. The Portage theater was renovated and now houses a performing arts center that shows silent films and arthouse films.

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