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Electrical Articles

Emergency Power Systems

Critical systems must be in operation in order for the business to operate. When the power goes out so do the telephones, computers, cash

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Electrical Service Upgrade

If you are contemplating a major remodel, the addition of a room or garage, or a new kitchen you should consider upgrading your electrical

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The Why Behind STS Electric in Chicago

Since 1980 we have been dedicated to delivering full-service electric needs for all private and commercial

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Electrician in Chicago Illinois

You deserve peace of mind, and that’s why we guarantee your satisfaction. The people of Chicago deserve their

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A Tripping Circuit Breaker

An overloaded circuit is the most common reason that a circuit breaker trips. It happens when a circuit is attempting to

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Electrical Fires

Electrical malfunction is the leading cause of home fires. Malfunctions may occur due to worn, loose or defective wiring, or due to

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Keep Your Equipment in Working Condition

All equipment, whether at home or in a business setting, must be kept in reliable working order so that it

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Installing New Switches

Mood killer the breaker that provisions capacity to your switch. Flip the power primarily in case you’re uncertain which breaker is associated

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Renovation of an Electrical Wall Button and its Control

There are single shaft changes controlling things from a solitary area, three-way switches controlling lights or

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