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Electrical Articles

Adaptable Appliance Testing & Maintenance

What the reason do it the Adaptable Appliance Testing; in the work put all compact electrical gear ought to be

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Common Electrical Hazards

When thinking about where electrical hazards are commonly found, your first thought likely isn’t your workstation. However, electrical

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How to Properly Vet Electrical Contractors

For those who lack the necessary expertise, carrying out construction projects can seem like a daunting

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Electrical Safety

Electrical safety is a serious issue and electrical accidents are common especially among those who do not understand it.

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Energy Conservation

One of the major concerns in the world today is depletion of energy. As concerned citizens all of us must make a concerted effort

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Loose Electrical Connections

A tightly made connection can become loose over time due to the tiny expansion and contraction that occurs as the

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Emergency Power Systems

Critical systems must be in operation in order for the business to operate. When the power goes out so do the telephones, computers, cash

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Electrical Service Upgrade

If you are contemplating a major remodel, the addition of a room or garage, or a new kitchen you should consider upgrading your electrical

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The Why Behind STS Electric in Chicago

Since 1980 we have been dedicated to delivering full-service electric needs for all private and commercial

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