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Electrical Articles

Prevent Fires in Your Home

Fires are most dangerous and critical disasters that can happen in our home, and most of the time they are escapable.

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What are Fire Extinguishers

Keeping the workstation safe can also protect you from losses, liabilities, and exposures to lawsuits. Being as an owner, it’s important to keep your work station/ premises safe and secure.

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Why are My House Lights Dimming?

All the power coming into your house arrives via a thick service entry cable, which is ended inside the main electrical service panel, usually

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Why You Need a Private Residential Electrician?

Without the correct consideration, the electrical framework in your home could turn into an immense peril or could become a huge hazard. Over

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Uncovered Electrical Parts and Light Fitting

Today we demonstrate the kind of risky electrical flaws that happened each day and uncovered during routine electrical review and testing at our

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Three Prong adapter is Safe or not?

There are two types of adapter, i.e. a three-prong and two-prong adapter. It is also known as a cheater plug.

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Overloading and Frequent Burning Out of Light Bulbs

Sometimes your light fixture has a bulb or other fitting with high watts than the designed fixture. This is a code violation and the risk level is quite high.

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The Possibility of Electrocution

Water is a powerful conductor of electricity and for that reason, it is important to have the correct type of electrical outlets installed in your

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To Ensure Safety from Electrical Damage; Commercial and Industrial Buildings Maintenance is Essential

It is necessary to carry out routine checks so that your company remains safe at all times and supports

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