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Portable Appliance Testing, Overheated Plug Socket

One admissible reason motivation to have your Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) completed and carried out. We have so many case of electrical expansion lead that has turned out to be overheated with early indications of consuming and signs of burning.

The socket has developed overheated and caused by a loose connection or as a result of supplying an appliance which uses power in excess of the extension leads recommended maximum limit.

Most extension leads of this hazard, we should not plug more than one 13amp appliance into the extension socket at the same time. Multiple appliances should be rated at 5 amps.

The plug which connected to the overheated socket is demonstrated as follows.

It is important that all appliances are fitted with a fuse which is correctly rated for the appliance it powers.

A new portable appliance will already be fitted with a sealed plug and correctly rated fuse.

The plug probably been fitted at a later date. It is important that the fuse rating is checked during the portable appliance test.

Periodic Inspection

Fixed installation Testing or Periodic Inspection and Testing forms an important part of any Health & Safety system. We offered as a free guide to both the legal implications and to the technical testing requirements and practicalities of fixed wire testing.

Over 7% of all workplace fatalities were caused by contact with electricity or electrical discharge.

As a result of the PAT test, the overheated extension lead and plug would be taken out of service and reported immediately to our customer.

In the work place all portable electrical equipment should check regular, if any damaged is noticed the piece of equipment should be switched off and taken out of service.

Faulty Wiring is the leading cause of residential fires. To minimize these risks, have a certified electrician.

If you need advice on Portable Appliance Testing please feel free to request a quotation or call directly on: (773) 721-1111.

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