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Overloading and Frequent Burning Out of Light Bulbs

Sometimes your light fixture has a bulb or other fitting with high watts than the designed fixture. This is a code violation and the risk level is quite high. The high heat from the bulb can melt the socket and insulation present in wires of the fixture. This results in sparks from one wire to another and causes electrical fires. Even after the bulb is removed, the socket and wires will still be under damage.
It is always better to fit a bulb or any other fittings by staying within the wattage. If the fixtures are not marked with wattage, it is advisable to use a 60-watt bulb or even smaller ones.
If your light bulbs burn out too often, check if your issue falls under this:

• High wattage
• Insulation is near to light
• Poor wiring on circuit and mains
• More wattage on a dimmer switch

No RCCB (Residual Current Circuit Breaker)
RCCB is also known as Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker (ELCB). This is used to detach/separate the load from main supply when the circuit has residual current.
By using RCCB you can ensure protection against direct and indirect contact, electric fire and protection electric shocks.

Over circuited panel
It is a code violation to place tandem breakers in one slot rather than too many single-pole breakers. The difference between double-pole breakers and tandem breakers are that the latter one doesn’t take up two slots in a single circuit. The danger level will be minimal. This problem can be resolved by adding a sub-panel with extra slots or replacing the existing panel with a bigger model.

Tripping circuit breaker
When other high power consuming items are used before you plug in microwave or hairdryers there is a chance to get it tripped. Tripping is actually a sign that your home is protected. Just check what causes tripping and try using a low setting and also usage can be limited to a single circuit too.

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