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LED Lighting and its Effectiveness

An LED light bulb or lamp uses electricity to produce light through one or several light-emitting diodes. These bulbs are used in light fixtures.

There are many types of LED bulbs available in the market. LEDs give better energy savings than most other kinds of bulbs. The next time you go shopping for LED lamps or bulbs, remember these pointers:

Check for wanted brilliance

Brightness in LEDs is measured in lumens (lm) and not in watts (as was the general misconception for judging the degree of brightness of any type of bulb). Watts measure energy-use and not brightness.

Very simply, if the lumen rating is higher on the bulb packaging, the LED bulb will be brighter. If the lumen rating is lower, the LED bulb will be less bright. The easiest way to figure out what strength bulb you need is to use an incandescent/LED conversion chart.

Cool White or Warm White?

There is a whole science behind what type of LED lighting should be picked out for one’s home. Some sections of your house will need warm white lighting while others will be better off with cool white lighting.

Warm lighting promotes a sense of serenity and relaxation in a person and is appropriate for cozy living spaces. Warm white lighting helps us to unwind for the day to prepare for bedtime and should feature in those areas of the house meant specifically for relaxation and sleep.

Cool lighting has the effect of keeping us more alert and energetic and so is appropriate for task-related purposes; areas, where we work in the house, should have cool white lighting.

Check for stick base or standard base

LEDs are accessible in various sorts of standard screw types or stick attachments for track lighting.

Pick good quality brands

Try not to purchase LED lights from discounters. Buy quality fittings whose durability will eventually prove they were worth the price you paid for them. Discounters sell lower-quality items which are not durable and will require frequent replacement.

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