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Incorrectly Installed and the Dangers of Halogen Downlights

Many homes have been damaged or even completely damaged by fire caused by old style halogen downlights.

There are millions of the lights still in use across the country and many of them are just a disaster waiting to happen.

The issue with these lights is the warmth they create amid ordinary activity and sufficiently hot to begin a fire in your roof. Because of the likely challenges there are strict controls for introducing these lights. In any case, these controls are disregarded or in light of the fact that the installer doesn’t recognize what they are doing.

The old style downlights must be introduced at the right separation from combustible building materials, for example, timber joists, and they should be ensured to forestall them being secured by protection.

We have seen a lot of situations where a wooden pillar or roof support has been halfway removed to permit the establishment of a downlight fitting, and the timber dark and scorched because of the light being so close.

Even if the lights are installed correctly they can still be the cause of a fire.  Birds, mice or rats nesting in your roof space can carry in grass and paper and other flammable materials and build their nest over your lights.  Rats especially like nesting near downlights due to the warmth they generate.

On the off chance that you have old halogen downlights in your home, you ought to think about supplanting these conceivably unsafe fittings, or if nothing else get them checked to ensure you’re not going to have a major issue to have an issue.

It is possible to purchase fire guarded downlight fittings or guards that you can retrofit to an existing light, but these days they are not the best solution.

Replacing your old halogen downlights with new LED downlights is definitely the way to go.

LED downlights are now very reasonably priced, they use up to 80% less energy, run very cool in comparison and can be installed close to flammable materials.

For advice and recommendation on replacing your old halogen downlights contact us (773) 721-1111.

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