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Electrician in Roscoe Village, Chicago, IL

Known for its feel of being a village within the City of Chicago, Roscoe Village boasts an eclectic mix of boutiques, locally-owned restaurants, cafes, and charming brick homes. Roscoe Village residents love shopping at the quirky shops, tasting wine, and gathering together on the sidewalks during the warmth of the summer months.

Roscoe Village got its start more than 100 years ago when developers bought land and built Riverview Park, an amusement park that opened its doors in 1903. Riverview Park attracted businesses to open along Roscoe, Belmont, and Western to meet the needs of visitors to the amusement park. During the 1920s, Roscoe Village experienced an economic boom as many people moved into the area, building homes and helping the neighborhood to become a thriving, vibrant place. The neighborhood suffered a severe downturn during the Great Depression but was restored to its former glory beginning in the 1970s when urban pioneers began moving in and restoring homes to live in.

Today, Roscoe Village has transformed into a desirable location to live and explore in Chicago. The village holds an annual Garden Walk during which people can explore the beautiful gardens and greenery that dot the neighborhood. People who live in Roscoe Village love its quaintness and its ease of transportation to other parts of Chicago.

Excellent electrical services in Roscoe Village

As Roscoe Village continues to grow and modernize, many residents want to transform their homes with smart technology. STS Electric provides top electrical services to businesses and homeowners across Chicago, including Roscoe Village. It offers innovative technology that provides hands-free controls, energy efficiency, and data networking solutions. Whether you live in Roscoe Village or go for a visit, the work of STS Electric will be powering the taverns, eateries, retail shops, and homes around you.

Businesses and residential homeowners in Roscoe Village can derive many benefits from the services that STS Electric offers. No matter what your electrical needs might be, we can deliver safe, effective solutions to help you to accomplish your goals. With STS Electric, Roscoe Village residents and business owners can feel confident that they will enjoy the best electrical work and outcomes that they want. To learn about what we can do, contact us today at 773-721-1111.

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