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Electrician in Prairie Avenue Historic District

The Prairie Avenue Historic District is a beautiful neighborhood located in the near South Side of downtown Chicago. Built on the area that was the site for the BattleSiege of Fort Dearborn, this small community has a long and rich history.

After the Great Chicago Fire, this small neighborhood became very popular. It was considered the “fashion district,” and many stately homes were built in the area. One of these homes still remains and has been converted into a historical museum. This home and area have also been placed on the National Register of historic places.

Today, the Prairie Avenue Historic District remains a very popular place to live and work. The Prairie District Neighborhood Alliance regulates growth in the area to ensure that this historical spot never loses its charm or beauty.

STS Electric Serves The Prairie Avenue Historic District

STS Electric has been the preferred electrical servicing company in the Prairie Avenue Historic District for over 30 years. Our dedication to doing the job right and our ability to service older and historical properties are what keep residents and business owners using our company.

Our dedication to finding electrical solutions for all types of homes and businesses helps our clients have modern electric systems while maintaining their historic properties. We can integrate smart technologies and cost-saving systems into these structures without causing any harm.

STS Electric is a full-service contractor, which means we can manage any electrical project you have. We can manage simple electrical issues like upgrading plugs and switches to complex issues like rewiring a house or commercial property.

When you need quality electricians to perform your next electrical project, call STS Electric. Our customer service reps will be happy to help you with all of your project needs.

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