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Electrician in Oak Park, Chicago, Il

The Village of Oak Park sits on the west side of Chicago. It has a history rich in many things, from gangsters to streetcars. As the 29th most populous city in Illinois, Oak Park is home to many residents and business owners. STS Electric caters to a large community in need of high-quality electrical services.

Oak Park Exhibits Rapid Growth in the 1800s

The first settlers landed from England and made the Oak Park area their home in 1835. The city’s name stuck after the first post office used the name Oak Park. In 1850, engineers completed a railroad through the city from Elgin to Chicago. The addition of a train depot and streetcar tracks caused Oak Park to grew into a suburban hub of Chicago. It wasn’t until 1993 that Oak Park split off from Cicero Township and became an incorporated city.

Architectural Influences Abound Throughout Oak Park

Oak Park is also known for its architectural history, thanks to Frank Lloyd Wright. He and his wife made Oak Park their home from 1889 until 1909. Even though he left their custom designed house and studio behind, his organic approach to architecture remains. In fact, Wright designed or remodeled 25 buildings in Oak Park, more than any other place in the world.

The First Home to Have Electricity in Oak Park

Oak Park is home to many celebrities who have become household names. One such person is the famous author Ernest Hemingway. In 1899, Hemingway was born in a house built by his grandfather, his namesake. The 1890 Victorian-style home was designed by architect Wesley Arnold. It was the first house in the city to have electricity. Hemingway spent the first six years of his life here. The house has since been restored and turned into a historical museum.

Much of what Oak Park stood for decades ago still stands today. It’s made up of a unique richness in diversity. From historic to modern buildings, the community is like no other. Since 1980, STS Electric has provided solutions for a range of electrical needs. Whether for repairs of old work or upgrades to a smart home, STS Electric can always be trusted. With STS Electric, Oak Park residents and business owners can feel confident that they will enjoy the best electrical work and outcomes that they want. To learn about what we can do, contact us today at 773-721-1111.

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