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Electrician in Lincolnwood, Chicago IL

Electrician in Lincolnwood, Chicago IL

Lincolnwood Illinois is a quiet, ethnically diverse, suburban village in the Township of Niles within Cook County. Located a short 10 miles northwest of downtown Chicago, Lincolnwood has an overall A+ rating for its quality as a top community for residents and businesses. The residential community is a mix of vintage and modern single-family homes, senior residences, condos, and apartments. The village is also home to several moderate-sized industrial companies, medical facilities, and local businesses. As the Village of Lincolnwood continues to upgrade its electrical demands, STS Electric has been there since 1980 to meet those needs.

Lincolnwood in the 1800s-1900s

The Potawatomi Native American Indians left the area in 1816 following the Indian Boundary Treaty. In 1856 the Tess family emigrated from Germany to the local area and began a farming settlement. As the population grew, the Halfway House Saloon opened in 1873 as the first commercial business. The success of this saloon began a trend of more taverns and saloons.

The frequently flooded prairie land became manageable in 1909 with the North Shore Channel project. With a population of 359 residents, the area was incorporated in 1911 and named Village Tessville after the founding settlers. During the 1930s, Mayor Henry A. Proesel engaged the entire unemployed population to plant Elm trees along all the streets in the village. Mayor Proesel changed the village name in 1936 to Lincolnwood Illinois. In 1950 the population was 3072 residents. Since the Edens Expressway opened in 1951, the population grew nearly 400 percent to 12,000 residents in 1970. The Lincolnwood Public Library was established in 1978.

Modern Day Lincolnwood

The latest Census shows the population of Lincolnwood at nearly 12,800. The village has renovated its 13 public parks, modernized its shopping districts to include many name brand shops, and continues to maintain an A+ rating for its educational system that produces a high rate of college-bound students. The median income is above the statewide average and the crime rate is far below the statewide average. New business opportunities are increasing in both the Lincolnwood Business Park and the Touhy-Crawford Business District. There are several new health care facilities.

Top Quality Electricians Serving Lincolnwood

Today’s demands for energy-efficient smart homes, modern amenities, and wireless connectivity are alive and well in Lincolnwood Illinois. Both private individuals and commercial firms want to stay up to date with the latest in electrical conveniences. STS Electric has been a leading electrical service provider throughout the greater Chicago area since 1980. We are specialists in top quality repairs, renovations, rewiring, and innovative applications to suit homes, businesses, industrial complexes, and medical facilities. We are experts in modern electrical engineering and the most current data networking solutions. If you have a need for electricity, we have the resources, knowledge, and remedies.

We are electrical professionals that stand behind our work with safe, efficient, and cost-effective solutions for all your electrical demands. STS Electric trained professionals are readily available to provide everyone in the Village of Lincolnwood Illinois with the best electrical service available.

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