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Electrician in Evanston, Chicago IL

Evanston is most well known as a college town located just 12 miles north of Chicago. The richly diverse population of this town can be attributed to the city being the home of Northwestern University, one of the leading research universities in the nation. Evanston is filled with modern and historic homes and businesses. STS Electric is pleased that we have been able to provide electrical services to this area for several decades.

Early Evanston

The area now known as Evanston was first settled in the early 1830s. In 1851, the founders of Northwestern University came to this area and purchased several hundreds of acres from a Chicago farmer to build the university. In 1854, the founders submitted a legal request to name the area Evanston after one of the university founders, John Evans. However, it was not until 1892 that boundaries were defined, and the area known as Evanston became an official city.

Modern Evanston

Evanston today is just about the same size it was when it became a city in 1892. The population has grown significantly, however, and Evanston is now home to more than 74,000 people. Known for its beautiful historic homes and mansions, especially by Lake Michigan, the town has been nicknamed the “City of Homes.” There are also many different style commercial districts in Evanston, making it a great place to shop and work. Because of the diversity in housing and business areas, Evanston has been the setting for 65 different movies.

STS Electric Provides Quality Service To Evanston

Evanston was one of the first areas in Chicago to have electric street lights. The first street lights went into use in 1898. Since then, the area has always been known for its innovative use of technology.

STS Electric is pleased to help residents and business owners in Evanston with all of their electrical needs. STS Electric can provide these services from updating existing wiring in historical buildings to installing energy-efficient lighting and smart home technologies. We have the ability to meet all of your residential or commercial electrical needs.

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