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Electrician in Edison Park Chicago

Edison Park is a northwest neighborhood known for its suburban feel. Of the 77 areas throughout Chicago, it ranks as one of the top communities in “The Windy City.” While Edison Park is still reminiscent of the time since its first settler, modern touches are required of an affluent population of homeowners and business owners. From smart homes to energy-efficient buildings, STS Electric has been devoted to providing full-service electric needs for the Edison Park community for decades.

Edison Park in the 1800s

Christian Ebinger and his family were the first to settle in Edison Park, Chicago, in the early 1800s. While traveling, their horse was bitten by a rattlesnake and died, leaving them stranded in what’s now known as Edison Park. In 1892, the early-established village was named after inventor Thomas Edison and a public school was built and named Ebinger School after the first settler. Today, the school building, field house, playground and other facilities make up the rehabilitated nearly 1-acre park surrounded by an entire community, formerly known as the Village of Edison Park.

Edison Park as a Modern, Safe Community with Charm

Edison Park has since expanded and is the home to more than 11,000 residents. As one of the more affluent neighborhoods in Chicago, it still holds onto its Village-like charm. It’s the perfect place to raise a family with its quality schools, the WIP (Work-In-Progress) Theater, Edison Park Fest and many other community activities while still being close to big city entertainment and the business district. The area has a low crime rate because there are so many police officers and other service workers that call Edison Park their home. It has its own shopping area and, although most residents are of Irish descent, offers a variety of ethnic food restaurants. For those who work in the city, getting around is easy, whether by subway, rail or car.

Quality Electricity Serves Edison Park

Although the residents and businesses of Edison Park continue to hold onto many of its roots, they still require more modern amenities. Nowadays, it’s common for people to have smart homes, and Edison Park is no exception. The community is made up of higher-priced homes than other parts of the city. Since 1980, STS Electric has been providing electrical services for homeowners and business owners throughout Chicago. It specializes in high-quality and innovative applications designed for everything from hands-off controls and energy-efficient lighting to complex electrical engineering and data networking solutions. You’ll find their workmanship powering local homes, retail shops, bars and restaurants, medical facilities and industrial buildings.

Residents and business owners alike can benefit from the many services offered by STS Electric. We deliver safe and effective solutions for a myriad of electrical needs and problems, including old electrical wiring. With the readily available help of STS Electric professionals, locals can be assured of providing the best for themselves, their families and their customers.

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