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Electrician in Edgewater | Chicago Illinois

Electrician in Edgewater Chicago (Andersonville, Edgewater, Edgewater Glen, Epic, Lakewood/Balmoral)

Edgewater is a picturesque lakefront neighborhood in the northernmost part of Chicago at the end of the renowned Lake Shore Drive. Its diverse residential community ranks in the top 15 percentile of Chicago’s 77 official best neighborhood areas for both families and young professionals. Many of Edgewater’s original homes remain in designated historic areas. Edgewater’s community revival began in 1980 and enriched the neighborhood with an affluent, highly-educated population of residents and store owners. STS Electric has been a major contributor to this modernization by providing the Edgewater community with a full range of electrical services from residential upgrades and smart home technology to energy-efficient commercial properties.

Edgewater Development

Developed in the 1880s as a summer retreat for Chicago’s upper class, this area was part of the 45,000 Lake View Township population. John Lewis Cochran named the northeastern portion of Lake View as Edgewater in 1885 when he built the area’s first single-family home subdivision. Many of these large homes still exist in the Andersonville and Lakewood/Balmoral Historic Districts. Before the turn of the century, Edgewater was renowned as the only electric lighted community adjacent to Chicago.

In 1889 Edgewater was annexed to Chicago. The neighborhood continued to expand during the early 1900s and a portion of that expansion that included Edgewater was renamed Uptown in the late 1920s. During the 1980 community revival, Edgewater separated from Uptown and reclaimed its original name. New commercial businesses opened, older commercial properties were refurbished, and older homes were restored to embrace the elegance of Edgewater’s past.

Edgewater in the 21st Century

Edgewater Glen is one of the newest condominium additions to the neighborhood. The neighborhood is 6 miles from the El that offers rapid transit to the Windy City. This is a safe, peaceful, captivating community with beaches, cafes, pubs, restaurants, historic homes, local businesses, and lots of antique shops. The EPIC block club began in 1975 to promote effective communications about quality-of-life issues for all residents.

STS Electric Serves Edgewater Neighborhoods

STS Electric has served the entire Edgewater area since 1980 with professional, high-quality, state-of-the-art electrical technology, data networking solutions, and energy-efficient applications to meet the demanding needs of residents and business owners. Our staff is certified, knowledgeable, and experienced electricians in Edgewater Chicago.

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