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Electrician in Belmont Cragin Chicago

Belmont Cragin has sort of a western-rural history. Farmers were the first settlers in this region and as the years went on, the neighborhood begin to attract visitors during the early 1800s with its first saloon business. As a result, the area was identified as Whiskey Point. The neighborhood then began burgeoning with a hotel, factories, warehouses, and a railroad station. Eventually, employees of these businesses became residents. Some of the notable companies that helped attract residents were Cragin Brothers & Company, Belt Railway Company, and Washburn and Moen Manufacturing Company. Other companies also helped to expand Hanson Park.

A Promising Neighborhood

The growth of the Belmont Cragin neighborhood also included household product companies such as Zenith TV and Ecco. What was once recognized primarily for its industrial footprint, the Belmont Cragin neighborhood became a desired place to reside particularly with the development of a retail shopping district. National retailers were attracted to the neighborhood’s location because of the access to residents from Belmont Cragin, Chicago, and other cities surrounding the metropolitan area. Eventually, Belmont Cragin became a primary location for shopping when the Brickyard Mall was built on the former site of the Carey Brickyard Company. Today, Belmont Cragin is host to the national retailer Target at this same location.

These attractions added to the beautiful rows of bungalows, Cape Cods, and duplex-style homes. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, the Belmont Cragin community grew significantly, particularly with Hispanics. Ultimately, this diversification along with Polish residents contributed to a unification that formed the Northwest Neighborhood Federation. Overall, Belmont Cragin has been an asset to the city of Chicago.

Lighting the Way

While Belmont Cragin paved the way for new residents, STS Electric has been a major contributor to the repair and installation of electrical power systems both for home and business owners. For more than 40 years, we have provided quality service. We understand how technology plays an important role in how electricity works. That’s why we stay abreast of advanced systems such as smart home products, wireless network solutions, integrated security systems, and lighting, switch, and fan systems that we offer. We’re not only interested in installing upgraded service products, but we’re able to support those systems.

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