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Electrician in Avondale Chicago

Electrician in Avondale Chicago

Jackowo in Chicago is a community that is commonly known as the ‘Polish Village’. Jackowo Village is an area of the northwest Chicago neighborhood Avondale that spans from Diversey Avenue in the south to Addison Street in the north. Specifically, the area of Diversey Avenue from the Union Pacific/Northwest Line to the Chicago River is its southern border. The north branch of the Chicago River is its eastern border and Pulaski Road is its western border. STS Electric has provided everything from high-quality wiring and energy-efficient buildings to smart homes for the Avondale, Chicago, area.

The Early Years of Avondale Chicago

Abraham Harris was the very first European settler in Avondale and he settled the area in 1853. This was three years after the area had been incorporated into Jefferson Township in 1850. Avondale was incorporated as a village sometime later in 1869. The City of Chicago annexed Jefferson Township, including Avondale, in 1889.

The rise of factories in addition to various other industries around the 20th century because of the Chicago River and Avondale’s transportation corridors. This development created many jobs in the area which contributed to attracting the first wave of European immigrants to Avondale, Chicago. The Olson Park and Waterfall complex at Diversey and Pulaski was located in Avondale and is one of Chicago’s “Seven Lost Wonders”.

Avondale Chicago in Modern Times

Latinos began settling in the Avondale, Chicago area in the 1980s. Quite a few different diverse Eastern European ethnicities immigrated to the area in 1989. Jackowo is an integral part of the Avondale area and this is because it is the center of Polish influence in Avondale. Avondale has a long, rich history of Polish immigration and Polish communities. You can still see much of the Polish roots of Avendale today especially on Milwaukee Avenue with many sausage shops, bakeries, and restaurants including Polish influence.

STS Electric Serves Avondale and Jackowo

STS Electric has served Avondale, Chicago, and Jackowo more specifically since 1980. We provide many great services including 24/7 emergency service, lighting solutions, integrated security, and structured cabling. We can also handle many problems with backup generators and install backup generators for you, as well. Avondale and Jackowo residents can leave all their electrical needs to our professional electrical contractors.

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